Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Missing the Magic Moment

 ~~So, last week was an emotional and busy week for me. My dear friend, Jeanette ("Opposites Attract" in the book), fell down outside of her house and busted her face up so bad that you wouldn't recognize her if you knew her. The shades of black, blue and purple on her face would have been exquisite had they not been smeared with the color of red that the blood provided.

Being a squeamish person, I had to suck it up because I was the one who took her to the ER and cared for her afterward, and now I have the visual singed into my brain of the hole that went clear through her lip to her teeth (and now you have it too! Sorry)

The week before this, I had a nagging concerned for her well being. I even called her last week, "Are you okay?  I just don't want anything to happen to you."

She teased me, "Do you know something that I don't know?"

"No, I've just been worried about you lately."  She's a typical 73 year old and is always telling me about her aches and pains. She had gone to her general doctor the week before and I was afraid she wasn't telling me something with all the health issues she's had in the past, I figure that was why I was worried.

But after her fall, I made peace with the fact that all her wounds were superficial. And if that was the worse thing that happened to her then we'd both be okay!

"But other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was your day?" 

Well, its actually been a beautiful week filled with little nuances of magic. Little things that add up to putting me in a really peaceful place despite my dear friends continued need of care and the emotional drain that it has taken on me (She has been stronger than I have and it's not my face!)  I get upset seeing roadkill. Seriously, it will ruin my day.

My kids say, "Why do you even look Mom?"

 "To say a pray for the little guy."

~~But onto the lighter side of this post:  I continue to receive emails and phone calls from readers of Mainstream Mystic and the blog, telling me about their amazing sychronicites associated with them reading my book. Its fantastic and so inspiring that it really kept me going this past week. So, thank you to each and every one of you! (lightbulb) I should keep a running compilation and put into book form for us.

~~Another little magically moment was when Mackey (my 16yr. old) came in to tell me that he had a dream of a song. He wanted to remember it and play the song on his guitar. Wouldn't that be cool if he wrote his first song because of a dream he had. Paul McCartney had a dream where he heard "Yesterday" and woke to play it for his fellow Beatles. Some inventors dream of their inventions beforehand too.

A intuitive woman once told me that Mackey was the reincarnation of Jim Morrison of The Doors. I just told him that (since he's older and the subject came up) but I hadn't told him before. I did research Morrison because all I knew was he was a rocker and drug addict. Says he was a genius poet and writer and moved to France in the end (and I had a dream about a thin young man with long hair who spoke French that morning of Mackey's dream) and Morrison was born right here in St. Pete, Florida by us.

~~Another VERY COOL experience happened:  My mother came for a visit!! (from beyond the veil). I hadn't seen her in awhile.

Bo had gotten up early for work and as I lay there contemplating my day..the energy in the room changed dramatically. I could sort of move my conscious awareness in-and-out of the shifting energy.  She stood at my head and was pouring this energy through me. It was fantastic! I kept turning around to see her and she snapped at me to 'sit still!' So I just reached up and held her hands while she did what she was doing. Then it faded and I feel back to sleep in this lingering, soothing, energy. It was really cool and felt different than the energy I felt before. I don't really know how to put it into words.

I was thinking that my mother was helping with shifting my energy and perhaps, assisting with bringing in all the energy that has to do with the Shift. I was so happy for her and excited that she finally got to do this sort of work. She always wanted it while she was here, but never quite got there.

~~This past weekend, my family was relaxing out on the dock. We had spent the day at the Boyscout Pinewood Derby race. (Cabot came in  #1 in his Pack and #2 Overall Best in Show) Enjoying the weather and the water, Bowen and I were reminiscing about the times that we consider to be the best time of our lives. The days when our mothers were here and we shared in those "firsts" together. Like getting married, then pregnant, then the first child was born. The "good ole' days."

Our boys were goofing around, laughing and joking with each other. And it hit me... I said to Bo, "In the not too distant future, we will be reflecting on 'this time in our life' and saying that these were the best of times. Here we are almost mourning times gone by when the beauty is right here. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Look at Japan, I bet they'd give anything to go back to the rut they were in two weeks ago." (I was generalizing with my chosen words but just making a point.)

So the moral of this blog is:  Appreciate today - for it will soon be your fondest memory.

How was your week?

Reach for Peace,
Patti Zarn

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