Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spooky Text at 3:33am

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MARCH 9, 2011      I had plans for a different post but another story has developed that I thought I'd share first.  If you've read my book, you have a feel for the amazing sychronicities and guidance that I have received from beyond the veil - and it's happened again! In the book, Mainstream Mystic, The True Story about the Struggle to Blend Everyday Life with a Destined Path of Enlightenment, I included two geneology stories in which I  received information via visions or messages from my guides which led me to find out information about my ancestral family tree. This past weekend something similar- but admittedly not as jaw-dropping - happened again! It's just so fun - I thought I'd share it with you.

I went to New Smyrna Beach (east coast Florida)  to visit the grave sites of my mother and both sets of grandparents who are all buried in the same town but two different cemeteries. I usually try to go by there twice a year to replace the flowers and pay my respect. Since we are eternal beings, the only thing that I am paying my respect to is to my memories of them and their old physical shells. But nonetheless, it seems to be my position in the family to do this task because, as far as I know, no one else in the family ever goes.

So, with my a fist full of cheap silk flowers in hand I arrived at the first stop. My father's parent's grave site. I remarked to my young son how my father's mother passed away a few weeks before my wedding day (April 3, 1993).  I noticed her headstone only shows the years of her life (1910-1993) and not the months. Thinking that she must have passed in March but I didn't recall the date. I wasn't close to my father's mother like I was to my maternal grandmother, for whom I can recite all her earthly dates off the top of my head.

As synchronicities and perfect timing goes - I had also begun to read a book that intrigued me the moment I saw it. It's called True Miracles with Genealogy- Help From Beyond the Veil- compiled by Anne Bradshaw  in which some members of the church of Latter-Day Saints tell their stories about recieving similiar guidance to uncover information about their ancestors. Honestly, I was so intrigued, because naively I didn't know other people had similar genealogy experiences to mine.  (Which brings up a whole other line of thought that I am still contemplating and if I figure it out, I'll tell about it. It has to do with the tradition that LDS members do as part of their religious practice - called temple work. I don't know enough about it yet and will research it a bit more. )

Moving on to what happened...After returning home from the beach, I was asleep and dreaming on Monday morning. I was dreaming that I was watching television. On the screen was a show about ancestry and they were showing a family tree diagram. I was trying to read the names when I recognized my fathers parents. Then my paternal grandmother's photo was shown, a photo I do have in real-life. Excited, I paused the TV and called my family in to see it.

In real-life, I was abruptly awaken by my cell phone text notification and beep. I rolled over and looked at the clock, it was 3:33am  (a master number and is said to be a message from your angels). The text said

"You have the wrong #. My birthday is not March 1."
This must have been a response from a text I sent a friend a week ago on her birthday (March 1) but she responded immediately that morning. It was obviously a glitch and was sent to another cell phone. But regardless, I instantly felt a connection between the dream and the wake-up text, especially since I was still so connected energetically to the dream at that moment.

I went back to sleep and after I woke later, it was still with me, strongly. So, I  went to our page and looked up her specific birth and death date. It was in fact,

b. March 3, 1910- d. March 9, 1993

So, the anniversary of her death was today. As I was typing this- an commercial came on the TV. Amazing. Do the sychronicities ever stop coming!? lol

MARCH 11, 2011 ~~~~~ UPDATE ~~~~~~

AND IT CONTINUES!....I was just telling my father about this ^^ experience. It really freaked him out when I told him what the text message read ("MY BIRTHDAY IS NOT MARCH 1")--
 BECAUSE HE SAID HIS MOTHER NEVER KNEW WHEN HER REAL BIRTHDAY WAS!!  It was a huge ordeal that shook her later in life. Her real birthday wasn't on the 1st like she had always celebrated it!  (like the text said!) She finally found out when she was getting social security at age 65 that she had been celebrating it on the wrong day
I did not know anything about this but I had tried to verify her birthdate right after I had the dream that morning b/c I had a feeling that this was what she was trying to convey to me. I couldn't find her birth record. But prior to all this happening, I had never heard them talk about within my family.
Too cool!


  1. I'm not sure you meant to write: "the only thing that I am paying my respect to is their memory and their old physical shells." After all, when I pay my respects to my dad (deceased) I feel he is very definitely conscious of my actions. I've had physical "signs" suggest that is not just my imagination either. I've also done readings for people whom I've never met over the Internet and they confirm the physical descriptions I give to them of their dearly departed. So I'm quite confident there's much more present at grave yards besides our memories alone.

    Of course these are my experiences (and such may not ring true of yours). I really like your blog. In addition to the blogs affiliated with my Vamchoir account, I also blog at I agree with your idea that keeping daily life and spiritual connection going steadily is why that blog of mine (mentioned) is always hit and miss ... where I don't make daily postings but it's a sporadic "post as I feel inspired" sort of effort.

    AS YOU CONVEYED: I love it when technology allows for fantastic experiences like you described with your friend's text message. I'm not at all convinced those things are mere coincidence. (Thank you very much for sharing.)

  2. Vamchoir, Thank you for your comments. I'm not entirely clear on where your coming from for sure, but I think we're saying the same thing. ;-) I prefaced the statement you're referring to with "Since we are eternal beings" which is meant to say that we never die and mourning over an empty grave isn't necessary unless it brings us (the living) peace, yet, I do think my ancestors feel honored that I take the time to honor their old physical bodies but it's certainly not necessary as I communicate and am in contact with them regularly.
    I've got to update the post b/c something else has happened to validate the experience for me even more!
    But, I just wanted to say that I think you and I are on the same general wavelength. And there really are no such things a coincidences as EVERYTHING is in perfect and Divine order. ;-)) Thanks for visiting, I'll check yours out now.