Friday, July 22, 2011

Slapping Life in the Face

  My sister called me a few days ago to tell me that the wife of a family friend had committed suicide. I've since realized that I'm probably not a good person to talk to immediately after a tragedy such as this, at least not when the pain from the wounds are still oozing from the humans left behind who are picking up the pieces. I'm not a great person to talk to because of my vantage point of Knowing without any doubt that we are eternal beings (having experienced our eternal existence dozens of times myself). My mindset that even those left behind have much to gain from such adversity doesn't go over well with raw emotions and wounds.

Even still, I'm human with my own raw emotions and it is the 14yr old son she left behind that my heart aches for the most. Tragic and sad, yes! But again, his mother is still alive on the other side. When they eventually see each other on the other side it will have been but a moment since they were together and when you look at the timeline of our eternal selves it was no time at all. (Eternity is super long! no disrespect intended) Until then, he has the opportunity here on Earth to gain great strength from this experience if he chooses to.

For me personally, although I still go through the standard stages of grief (denial, anger, grief etc) when something like this happens, I do it rather quickly and end up with the bigger picture conclusion. The conclusion: that everything happens for a reason and even in the case of someone taking their own life we have to shift into an acceptance of that person. In this case, sending the wife our love, compassion and understanding that she was in so much pain that she couldn't cope in her own skin. Yearning for that relief she ended it. I may want to judge her to the point of feeling like it's a slap in the face of God, but I don't think God does. Although our Creator must be a tiny bit disappointed that she threw away this gift of creation that came from Him. He'll probably slap her on the wrist and suggest that she come back and try again. (That's symbolic of the energy of her reprimand, since I see God as the Energy that makes up everything opposed to an actual person, unless He chooses to materialize that way)

In my opinion, suicide is one of the most damaging things one can do for soul growth, even worse than being the murderer of another human. Souls who actually carry it through and end their life, or had some part in their own physical death such as lesser offenses like drunk driving, must take responsibility that they had a hand in their own physical death. Of course, its all relative in everything we do anymore.

But doing it and thinking about doing it are two different things entirely. For those who have contemplated suicide: that has NOWHERE NEAR the same energy of disrespect for the human experience. Its a thought that is not fulfilled. HUGE difference. Its a call for help to deal with your pain. Even an attempt at suicide is not actually completing the act and therefore still not on the same level.

But let me add: you are a brave soul to have come into this life to deal with so much. But think about this- you wanted this. You agreed to "go for it" and gain tremendous growth during this lifetime. So, buck up and get  'er done!

I have never contemplated suicide, so it's hard to be in the shoes of people who have. But people who contemplate "ending it" - but don't ever follow through - are looking for solutions to their pain. I look for solutions to my pain too. So, from that I can speak.

If you trace your pain back far enough you will find that it has to do with the separation anxiety you have of feeling whole. It's as if something is missing and you don't know what it is. That empty feeling will be filled when you are in the vibration vicinity of the energy that makes you whole / the place from which you came. Its a place that feels like the purest of pure energy of love, joy and happiness. (Granted these are just words that we have made up in our world which somewhat match the quality of this vibration I speak of and are the closest to describing who your soul truly is) That pure love, joy and happiness is where you came from and that's why it's so painful to be apart from it in this "hell".

Just for the sake of simplifying the term "Pure Love, Joy, Happiness"- lets shorten it to the word God.

The good news is that God is here too!

While you are here, start with seeking within to the point that you appreciate that this is a great opportunity and the pain you have today is but a moment on the timeline of your existence. Raise your vibration to a manageable place through finding appreciate and gratitude wherever you can. Pain is a wonderful thing when you embrace it-stop resisting it- for when you learn to love your pain it puts you in a receptive mode to allow your innate state of Enlightenment/Love/Joy/Happiness to enter and it taps into your greatest opportunities in life. It will give you tremendous growth! I promise you - that is what you wanted!

So release the shame and guilt you have about the past. Embrace your power and look with enthusiasm toward the future from the perspective of your eternal soul with the attitude of  "I chose to deal with this now!"

Reach for Peace,
Patti Zarn


  1. I think you worded this post beautifully. Suicide is final and its effects are far reaching. Hopefully your post will help others. :)