Saturday, March 26, 2011

Your Angels Will Hit You Upside Your Head!

I had the title of this post -"How To Listen to the Signs and Find Your Joy!

Yuck! That title is so vanilla. I liked: "If At First You Don't Listen, Your Angels Will Hit You Upside Your Head,"  or, "How I Discovered My Joy Today On Top of a Pile of Dust."  A good title will get your attention long enough that you might read my ramblings below. Fingers Crossed. ;-))

It is my style to inspire through my own experiences, hence the birth of the book MAINSTREAM MYSTIC. This post is no different. We are led ever-so gently right to where we are fated to be. But do we listen? I hope you do, I know I have learned to listen. And, I've found that life's questions are so much easier to answer when we are open to hearing that higher guidance that is with us all.

Here's the latest events going on in my world...

My friends and family are often curious as to what's going on spiritually or mystically for me. 9 out of 10 times my answer goes something like this:

"I don't know."

Oh sorry, that was vague.

"I don't know. Everything and nothing? I could elaborate by telling you that something is swirling around but I don't have all the pieces yet. For instance, this week it's something about France. I keep hearing France or the French. I had a dream about a French guy (like I mentioned in the last post), France is in the news regarding Libya, it's mentioned in some old family letters I am reading, I've noticed the word in other's daily speech or on television shows, it's just everywhere! Rather, I am noticing it everywhere. So, I know there is something to it and I will just allow it to come together and then I will Know. I'll Know when I know, until then I keep the attitude of  'what's next?' which keeps me in a receptive mode to allow magic."

This really is what's been happening the past few weeks. France.
I wondered, "Is it Mackey's past life? (referring to the last post titled Missing the Magic Moment). Or "Is it about the current events?" It could be about something new gathering speed and preparing to enter into my life, like a trip to France perhaps?!   (wishful thinking ;-))

Then, inevitably, something else will be brewing down the mystical lane so I will let it go for the time being -never knowing which "things that are brewing" are connected to each other. But, here is how this France thing came together finally:

Last week, Cabot (8yrs) made a prophetic comment, seemingly out-of-the-blue. He said to me, "I wonder what instrument Mackey will want for Christmas next year."

Every year, it does seem that Mackey requests a new musical instrument as his big Christmas gift. Last year, he wanted a ukulele. He will generally master whichever one he gets and then teach himself a new one.

A few days later, I was sitting in the living room with both boys when Mackey said, "Mom, I want a violin or a cello for my next instrument."

Cabot and I laughed. I told Mack that Christmas was quite a ways away. (Lightbulb went off), "But...we have Gamama's flute buried in the chest right there. You want to give it a go?"


Stored in "the chest"(the carved wooden chest is my favorite family heirloom and material possession, see photo below)  is my mother's childhood flute - along with old photos, family silver and antique knickknacks. Among the collection of items is a box of old letters that my great-grandfather had written. I've never had the desire to read through them. Probably just trivial chatter that's written on old dusty paper that would just make me sneeze. I had forgotten we had them and I doubt anyone- through the years- had ever read them. It's been years since I had even opened the box. But admittedly, my interest in genealogy has increased dramatically since that time. So, thus I began the slow task of reading through the hundred, or so, letters this week.

On about letter #50, I begun to realize that hidden within the daily mundane exchanges is a real story. One letter standing on its own has no depth, but together they build a short memoir of the struggles this young man faced as an ill soldier who had gone overseas to war. That's World War I....... IN FRANCE! 

But what does it mean in the synchronistic sense? How does it fit in? As I sat and contemplated the possibilities of this just yesterday, a friend (her family is from Austria- who's Archduke's assassination was the catalyst for the WWI) called to tell me an update on the current events with France!  OMG!

Let me ask you something...Are you saying to yourself, "This is just a coincidence that she's hearing France alot"?

Stop doing that! I am telling you that there is rhyme and reason to everything in this Universe!

So, this morning... as we gathered in the living room, I started to catch my son up on what was happening in the letters saga up to the point that I had read thus far. Our young soldier has just gotten word that the war may be over and people are dancing in the streets. He can see them from his hospital balcony which is overlooking the cafes in Nice,France- and he has a beautiful view of the sea...

As I picked up the next letter on the top of the stack, it hit me!

I am to publish these letters in honor of my Great-Grandfather, 2nd Leuit. George "Rainy" Martin.

That's it! As soon as that epiphany hit me it was like a weight had been lifted. The heavy weight of not-knowing was gone and I didn't know it was even there! The air changed and I have been walking on a cloud ever since. Now I know what I am to do! And I will. I will compile the letters into book form.

I know that similar stories have been done, dozens of them in fact.(Hemingway's for one). This project will not be literary genius like his, nor is the content as historically worthy as others, but his letters are NO DOUBT historically significant and I am honored to bring them to life. If nothing else, it's a great way to preserve them for our own family history.

I feel so blessed to have this piece of the puzzle in place so that I could gain the clarity I needed to see this message, and so I begin the next chapter of my journey.

WHOA! I am so excited!

So, "How To Listen to the Signs to Find Your Joy!"????    You just did.

In some way, just hearing my story puts it in your consciousness and you will be more apt to follow your own. It's not hard, it's natural and innate within us. Just don't resist it.

Love and JOY JOY JOY be with you always.

And in memory of  "Rainy", I will sign off as he did in each letter...

"May God Keep You Safe and Well" ,
Patti Zarn


  1. Hi Patti,

    I finished Mainstream Mystic last night. I really enjoyed it. I continually aspire to communicate with my guides, especially Jesse who is here for my writing,especially as I delve into book II of my paranormal romance series. You are an inspiration. I look forward to reading your new blog posts. Thank you again.

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  3. You are so welcome. I wish you much success with your new writing. Patti